6 Oct

Miedo es la cerradura y risa la llave de tu corazón.

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Una respuesta to “Tú”

  1. Vathek octubre 15, 2009 a 8:59 am #

    There are beings of the underworld, maggots, worms, who are very skilled in detecting broken hearts. They live to feed from those mangled machines, and by destroying them a bit more, stealing (or figuring to do so) some time to their own death.
    What they ignore is that the very substance they handle so clumsily is made of fire and magic, and will endure beyond them, away from the misery of supposing that breaking what is already broken means a victory.

    (I’m sorry, but it was the thought inspired by the interesting article by Coixet. I had to say it.)

    Your blog is really great :-}


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